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Thursday, 15 October 2015 at 11 am is the Jubilee of one of our Sisters, at this and on Saturday, 17 October, the sale of things from our Craft room will go towards giving young people an opportunity to get to World Youth Day at Krakow, in 2015.

If you are able to come to either event, you might like to have in mind the name of a young person who could go to WYD! We would like to be able to send at least two young people to Poland who would not otherwise be able to go. Obviously, we do not have a vast amount of money to live on but we, too, want to invest not only our prayers - and there is no greater gift - but also our future, in this gift of life and hope!

Please join us and support World Youth Day at Krakow in 2016.

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If you have not already met it, Ty Mam Duw has a section for younger readers. Young Claresite for Kids is also open to the under eighties in general, though perhaps they should be accompanied by a responsible child!
Clares head 2
Kid's Cloister is for beginners - see if you can find anyone down there? The lad on the bar above is carrying his mother’s washing machine off - if this makes you curious visit Franscript, which also offers you a chance explore the Word of God with Saint Francis and may soon have an Advent Calendar. Or you could try Tony's Tales; Tony goes to St Charity's CP, Parable Lane, in the lovely Welsh village of Panticariad. Tony’s secretary is a mite busy at this time of the year but more adventures will appear soon. Jim is a little older than Tony, he can't see why his Dad sits on the roof when its time to go to Church….
Visit the blog Anezka's Nest! and add your comments.

This is a very small beginning, but we thought you might like to share in some of our craft work.
There are sections on canvas stitching, beads and crochet. Please have a
look around if you would like.

Y of C LogoWhat's on at Ty Mam Duw
It is the Year of Mercy and the Year of the Consecrated Life and a lot will be happening at Ty Mam Duw.

WYD LogoThe Sale of Work & Autumn Fair 2015
This time the proceeds will not go to the support of your little sisters, but to help send young people to World Youth Day in Krakow, next year. We hope to make enough money to send two young people, please help us! The Fair will be from 11 am -1 pm Saturday, October 17. You are invited to put the name of a young person known to you, in a hat, to be drawn out at the end of the fair. This is one of our contributions to the new evangelisation and the Year of Mercy. Please support…

The Blessing of St Colette
Every Saturday at 12.30 we pray the chaplet of our Holy Mother Saint Colette and have her blessing. All are welcome, regardless of creed or denomination to come and place their needs, joys and sorrows under her mantle. This fourteenth century woman is the patron saint of those who long to conceive, expectant parents, unborn life and the sick. She is a friend in heaven to all of us!

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