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Ty Mam Duw has a new look with a section for younger readers. Young Claresite for Kids is also open to the under eighties in general, though perhaps they should be accompanied by a responsible child!

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Kid's Cloister is for beginners - see if you can find anyone down there? The lad on the bar above is carrying his mother’s washing machine off - if this makes you curious visit Franscript, which also offers you a chance explore the Word of God with Saint Francis and may soon have an Advent Calendar. Or you could try Tony's Tales; Tony goes to St Charity's CP, Parable Lane, in the lovely Welsh village of Panticariad. Tony’s secretary is a mite busy at this time of the year but more adventures will appear soon.

Visit the blog Anezka's Nest! and add your comments.

This is a very small beginning, but we thought you might like to share in some of our craft work.
There are sections on canvas stitching, beads and crochet. Please have a
look around if you would like.

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It is the Year of the Consecrated Life and a lot will be happening at Ty Mam Duw.

The Blessing of St Colette
St Colette's blessing will resume on her feast day!

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